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About Us

Stephen Farnan is a maker and artist based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He is known for his innovative and exploratory approach, constantly pushing the boundaries of mediums and techniques. Stephen leads a small team of skilled individuals in his studio, where they create artwork that has gained international acclaim.

One of Stephen's notable series is called "Captured Memories." These artworks combine his drawings and ceramics, resulting in unique and captivating pieces. He takes his original landscape drawings and fires them onto hand-rolled porcelain. Each piece is cut, ripped and stamped, creating porcelain artworks that are distinctively unique and embody a sense of timeless landscapes and memories.

Apart from his "Captured Memories" series, Stephen also creates a collection known as "Simple Pots & Platters." These pieces have a playful and quirky character and are intended for everyday use. Stephen produces a limited number of these pots, and their designs often reflect his mood at the time of creation. If you come across these pots and find them appealing, it's recommended to purchase them promptly, as Stephen is unlikely to reproduce the same designs in the future.

Stephen Farnan pursued his education in Fine & Applied Arts at the Belfast School of Art. He furthered his studies at the Royal College of Art in London. After gaining experience teaching and honing his craft in the United States and Benburb Co. Tyrone, Stephen established his new studio in St Comgall's, Divis Street, Belfast.

If you have any more questions or would like to explore Stephen Farnan's artwork further, feel free to ask. Enjoy your shopping experience!