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About Stephen Farnan

Stephen Farnan is a potter, artist and teacher.

Stephen studied Fine and Applied Art (specializing in Ceramics) at the Art College in Belfast and after graduating in 1998 with a 1st Class Honours he went on to complete his MA in Ceramics & Glass at the Royal College of Art, London, in 2000. After traveling and working as a potter with Elizabeth Kinder in the USA, Stephen returned to Ireland in late 2002 where he began to develop his studio practice at Priory Cottages Art, Craft & Design Studios in Benburb. Here he made cups, bowls, teapots, plates, and also taught ceramics. In 2014 he relocated and established his studio in Belfast from where he began to develop his portfolio of drawings, in conjunction with his ceramics. And this is where his most sought after work, ‘Captured Memories’, were born!
From his Belfast studio Stephen now leads an amazing team that create work celebrated throughout the world. If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook, aside from Stephen you will often see Cú (our wee Frenchie), Tony (Cú's side-kick), Dara (our very talented porcelain/production wizard), Emma (our eternally funny, organised and helpful studio manager), Chloe (our classy ceramic apprentice) and there are normally one or two others knocking about in the wings!

Stephen's ‘Captured Memories’ are the embodiment of his drawings and ceramics. His original landscape drawings are printed as ceramic decals and then fired onto hand rolled porcelain, each piece is uniquely cut, ripped and stamped in his Belfast studio –‘Timeless landscapes and memories, captured forever in porcelain’.

Stephens ‘Simple Pots & Platters’ are cheeky, playful, bold and quirky, domestic in nature and made to be used, he does not make too many of them, and their character is often dependant on the prevailing mood! If you like the pots our advice is to buy them while they're hot from the kiln! Stephen’s not likely to be making the same pieces as time moves on…

One of Stephen latest projects - ‘ULTIMATE Colouring’, has captured the imaginations of many children, adults and families since their launch in October 2015. Having been trailed in a number of outlets since then they have proven to be a huge success. Stephen plans to develop this portfolio – creating what he describes as ‘a Google Earth of Ultimate Colourings’ – capturing scenes from the Solar System and world, to continents, countries and cities. There is always something new on the horizon with Stephen – he doesn’t like to sit on his hands, so if you’d like some pots, or would like a newly commissioned drawing of your local landmark or townscape, drop us a line as we’re always happy to present some new ideas!


Trained at London's Royal College of Art and the Belfast School of Art, Stephen spent several years teaching and throwing before opening his studio in Belfast in 2014.


Stephen proudly informs us that the closest we've ever come to winning an award ourselves was an Easter egg colouring competition in 1983, (Stephen obviously won the Best Coloured Egg Competition - aged 8) However, our pots and Captured Memories are coveted by people the world over, which beats any award!

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